Miinto Integration

Not an ordinary webshop but a fashion collective.

Miinto is an online fashion platform created for all the fashion consumers who demand the same high level of service and personal experience online, as when they are shopping at their local physical stores.

Miinto concept is based on the collaboration with shop owners and brands, offering them the opportunity to go online and drastically expand their market, while benefiting from the marketing, digital, and technical expertise of Miinto.

At Miinto, they believe in diversity and personal shopping and already unite more than 1.200 independent fashion stores throughout Europe. They embrace the diversity of their thousands of suppliers and purchasers, which provide them with the broadest selection of women's clothes, men’s clothes, children's clothes, sportswear, and accessories, and make Miinto Scandinavia's largest fashion portal.

The multi-channel is here to stay and Miinto strives to do it in the best possible way. Miinto – shop locally online.

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Check How to Sell on Miinto marketplace article and learn more about Miinto selling.

Feeds til produkter

  • Miinto - Product feed - TXT


  • Belgien
  • Schweiz
  • Danmark
  • Spanien
  • Finland
  • Frankrig
  • Storbritannien
  • Italien
  • Holland
  • Norge
  • Polen
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Type af kanalintegration

Mød Koongo

Koongo hjælper onlinesælgere med at få succes på onlinemarkedspladser og sammenligningswebsteder ved at automatisere data- og ordresynkronisering. Det giver sælgere mulighed for at sælge flere steder med mindre indsats.

Tilslut din yndlingskanal i 4 nemme trin:

  • Start 30 dages gratis prøveperiode på Koongo
  • Opret en konto på din yndlingskanal
  • Opret et kanalproduktfeed på din Koongo-konto
  • Aktivér automatisk synkronisering af produkter og ordrer

Miinto integration manual

The Miinto product feed is used to upload product data to Miinto channel. The feed is downloaded by Miinto every 30 minutes. Miinto order management is available for selected e-commerce platforms.

For more information about how to upload your product data on the Miinto marketplace, please check the manual below.

Miinto order synchronization manual

The Miinto order synchronization is currently supported for selected e-commerce platforms. To activate the Miinto order synchronization, please follow:

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