Shipping via

Shipping via is a service that Bol offers to its clients. This service has two main advantages. Firstly, commits to ship the products sold on its platform at low delivery costs. Secondly, its clients do not have the shipping responsibility anymore. 

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Check24, a new partner for Koongo

We are happy to announce and welcome Check24 as a new partner of the big Koongo family.
Check24 is a German comparison website that offers comparisons across different industries like insurance, energy, finance, telecommunications, and travel.

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Koongo Trial Service

Koongo trial service is a great opportunity to try for free our automation features because you do not pay anything for the first month. Yes! And you do not need to provide any credit card during the trial period. Just enjoy how helpful Koongo can be to you.

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Koongo – Bol Bronze Partnership

We are very happy to announce the new Koongo – Bol Bronze partnership.
Bol is a famous online marketplace from the Netherlands that sells books, toys, electronics, and many other consumer products.
Initially, was an online bookshop but it has become the biggest marketplace for a wide range of products in the Netherlands and Belgium. 

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How the Future of Ecommerce can be

2020 will be remembered as a tough year for all people around the world due to the pandemic. Although Covid affected both personal life and businesses, it has brought important developments regarding the way of doing trading and the future of ecommerce. Can we think of 2020 as a landmark year for businesses?

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