Beslist has an average conversion of about 2% per 500,000 visitors. This equals to around 10,000 daily product sales.

Beslist can significantly increase the traffic to your shop. This is due to the relatively high click rate. The click rate is usually somewhere between 0.7 and 6.9%. This of course depends on the type of product, the keywords, the brand, appearance, location and time. is one of the larger online marketplaces in The Netherlands and Belgium, as they have the product portfolio of thousands of webshops. Connecting to the shopping cart will give your webshop an extra sales channel. Their online marketing team will actively search for online buyers for your products.

Product feeds

  • - Product - XML
  • - Stock & Price API Update - CSV
  • - Product - XML
  • - Stock & Price API Update - CSV


  • Belgium
  • Netherlands

Channel integration type

Meet Koongo

Koongo helps online sellers to succeed on online marketplaces and comparison websites by automating data and order sync. It allows sellers to sell on more locations with less effort.

Connect your favorite channel in 4 easy steps:

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Beslist integration manual

Important: channel is available only for e-commerce platforms with implemented order management functionality.

The Beslist Product feed transfers your product data from your store to the Beslist channel. The Beslist Prices and Stock Price API Update feed is used to update the stock and price information. With Koongo, the integration of your store with Beslist is super easy. Please follow the steps below.

1. Register on

Sign up for an account on and check if your business is qualified for selling on the channel.:

2. Create Beslist product feed

Add the Beslist feed to your profile grid. For more details please check the manual below:

3. Beslist category mapping

Please map your store categories to Beslist categories.

4. Set Beslist connection up

Please contact the Beslist support team. Check the Feed preview, copy the feed URL link and send it to Beslist support team for validation.

Once the Beslist product feed is validated and approved by the Beslist support, your product data will be uploaded to your Beslist account. The Product feed is downloaded automatically by Beslist once a day.

5. Beslist Shoppingcart API integration

Once Product feed is uploaded to Beslist, you can adjust Stock and Price update via API.

  • Add a new Beslist profile with type Stock and Price API Update.
  • Contact and request a Shopitem API key for test and production environment.
  • Insert the API key into the Submission Form and select the desired Beslist Shop, where product data should be updated.
  • Click the Submit button to upload product data to Beslist and activate the data update every 15 minutes by the Auto-Submit feature. order synchronization manual

The order synchronization is currently supported for selected e-commerce platforms. To activate the order synchronization, please follow:

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